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Curriculum reviews are a great way to discover how a curriculum has performed - our community shares their favorites!

We understand that it can be a challenge to find the best homeschool curriculum for your family. You’ve decided to homeschool, and now is the perfect time to tailor your child’s education to his/her unique needs. In fact, this is what makes homeschooling one of the best options for educating a child. Start by learning more about our favorite homeschool curricula below.

Best Homeschool Curriculum Online

Each year we have homeschoolers vote on their favorite online educational websites. So no gimmicks, no paid placement, just homeschoolers sharing their favorite online homeschool programs and recommendations.

Best Complete Homeschool Curriculum: 

Homeschooler Picks for Best Homeschool Curriculum

-from our Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards, voted by parents!

Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum Review

Are you looking for something your student will love and something you’ll find parent-friendly? A complete homeschool curriculum? Also voted one of the best online homeschool programs. With an easy-to-implement platform, you can get your students started on the road to fun learning within an hour. And, kids from the youngest to the oldest enjoy ease of use while parents enjoy automated grading and record-keeping. Time4Learning might be for you!

In fact, if your younger student is struggling or excelling, Time4Learning conveniently gives you access to the grade above and below making it easy to help them catch up or advance. Read our Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum Review here!

The Good and The Beautiful Complete Homeschool Curriculum

As one of the up-and-coming all-in-one complete homeschool curriculum, The Good and The Beautiful is one of the most popular homeschool curricula on the market today. In fact, they offer a free version of their textbooks as a download. See the full Good and Beautiful Homeschool Product Review here.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Complete Homeschool Curriculum

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a free Christian homeschool curriculum for grades K-12. Additionally, the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum offers Art, Drawing, Bible, History, Language Arts, Math, Music, P.E., Reading, Science and more in a Charlotte Mason or eclectic style. Indeed, homeschoolers agree this is the best free complete homeschool curriculum.

Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum Review

So you are looking for a complete science curriculum that is easy to implement and interesting for your student?  Science Shepherd has a course for you. Choose from a collection of elementary, middle, and high school courses that are sure to fit your student’s needs. Also, Science Shepherd is also voted the best homeschool curriculum science program.

BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum

BJU Press is a Christian company that offers many different homeschool options. Their Distance Learning Online is available for grades K3-12 and you can tailor it to your own needs, from getting DVDs & textbooks to doing it all online. In fact, the package includes all you need to homeschool your student. Also includes whatever teacher books are needed. This curriculum is from the Bob Jones University homeschool division.

You can also purchase their homeschool textbooks separately for one course or many. Additionally, BJU Press will typically offer a substantial discount at homeschool conventions or during the back-to-homeschool season.

Abeka Complete Homeschool Curriculum

The Abeka homeschool curriculum is one of the pioneers in homeschool resources supporting homeschoolers since the early 1970s. Abeka is also one of the nation’s largest distributors of homeschool and Christian educational materials. Additionally, it is considered a top-rated homeschool curriculum, college prep, with accredited options.

Bridgeway Academy Complete Homeschool Curriculum

With a fully-accredited and customizable learning option, Bridgeway Academy is a great option for homeschool families looking for a more full-service homeschool experience. Visit our homeschool curriculum review for Bridgeway Academy for more information.

Homeschool Complete

Homeschool Complete is an all-in-one, faith-based program is designed to help you confidently teach with a biblical worldview. Each grade-level curriculum includes a complete list of skills for all subject areas. Be confident that your child is prepared with our curriculum that aligns with accepted grade-level standards. Visit Homeschool Complete for more information.

Apologia Homeschool Curriculum

Apologia is trusted in the worldwide homeschooling community, has been publishing homeschool curricula for over 20 years, and has received over 100 #1 awards for 12 years in a row. We are continually voted the best homeschool curriculum in science, government, and biblical worldview categories.

How Do the Best Homeschool Programs Online Stack Up?

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How Do We Determine the Best Homeschool Curriculum

Wondering how we determine which homeschool materials are the most popular? Easy. Every year we open up a nomination platform to our homeschool community. First, members can nominate and then vote on the best curriculum for homeschooling. You’ll find that information in our Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards and The Top 100 Educational Website Awards. So, you determine the best homeschool curriculum!

Accredited Homeschool Programs

We often get questions about homeschool accreditation. In fact, technically, a homeschool curriculum cannot be accredited. Indeed, only a school can be accredited. So, if you are looking for an accredited homeschool program, you’ll need to look in the form of online schools.

There are quite a few options for accredited homeschool programs, however, they do tend to cost more than the average homeschool program.

Best Homeschool Curriculum Complete Kits

Many first-time homeschoolers often look for all the needed curriculum bundled into one homeschool kit. This often saves time in planning and ordering. However, as homeschoolers get more experience they begin to see the value in creating a customized curriculum plan that often includes many different top-rated homeschool programs.

With over 100 years of combined homeschooling experience, our staff and homeschool product testers have reviewed some of the up-and-coming homeschool curricula on today’s market. In order to help you make your homeschool curriculum decisions, we’re sharing our experiences and curriculum product reviews with you!

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