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JANUARY 10, 2020
African-American History: Unit Study Resources

African-American History Study: Tips for Getting Started It's important to cover African American history while studying American history in your homeschool. Most texts, though well-meaning…

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DECEMBER 27, 2019
Free Full Year Copy Work Ebook

Faith-Based Resource Looking for a year-long copy work curriculum that inspires?  [caption id="attachment_118446" align="alignright" width="174"] Each page has a bookmark![/caption] We have…

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DECEMBER 9, 2019
Newsletter 37: Homeschooling & Holidays

  We've all been there as parents... slightly exasperated at our child's loss of all manners. Don't sweat it - - and don't be embarrassed!  They could just be shy and feel too awkward…

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DECEMBER 9, 2019
Tips For Teaching Manners During The Holidays

Etiquette is one of those things you think your children understand until, of course, you are surrounded by "older" relatives waiting to see the "proof" of your homeschooling prowess. Only at…

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DECEMBER 8, 2019
Creating a Stress-Free Holiday

Tensions can run high during the holidays.  Between cooking fabulous meals, baking holiday treats, booking tickets, scheduling grocery shopping, visiting with relatives, and -- oh right, HOMESCHOOLING…

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DECEMBER 2, 2019
2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Don't you just love those last quiet moments on Christmas Eve? The stockings all hung by the chimney with care - and filled with goodies that each one will cherish?  The glow of the Christmas…

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NOVEMBER 20, 2019
How to Deschool to Start Your Homeschool Journey

Special thanks to our guest contributor. Deschooling is the process of adjusting to the non-school environment of everyday life after leaving the education system. This adjustment period happens…

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NOVEMBER 18, 2019
Newsletter 36: Homeschooling with a Stress Free Thanksgiving

The Stress-Free Thanksgiving Issue Want the holidays to be full of precious memories and absent of stress? We're pretty sure you're shouting a resounding, yes! (We are!) We all love the holidays,…

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OCTOBER 23, 2019
Chemistry Homeschool Unit Study & Printables

October has been all about science and that theme continues with National Chemistry Week!  When you think of science, does the image of a lab with beakers, bubbling solutions, and goggles come…

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OCTOBER 15, 2019
Nuclear Science Unit Study & Printables

What do we know about nuclear science?  What do we still have yet to learn? There are nearly infinite uses of nuclear technology in our society today.  It is immersed in our medical system,…

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