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Answer the Survey – Enter to Win!

Thank you for your participation in our recent survey. This survey is now closed. We need You! Do you love finding relevant resources that help you in the daily homeschool “nitty-gritty?” Well, we love providing them for you! But we need to know what you want! What is it that you love? What is it […]

5 Benefits of Game Schooling

Game schooling simply acknowledges the learning benefits that children can acquire through playing games.  After all, we tend to learn more when we are having fun and enjoying ourselves!

101 Things To Do This Summer

As much as your kids will tell you they can't wait for summer, the words "I'm bored," inevitably cross their lips – sometimes sooner than you think! While children do enjoy the freedom that comes with the summer months, they still like to have a little structure to their fun

Guarding Technology in Our Homeschool

The internet is an amazing educational tool and one that homeschoolers should take advantage of, however, it is not without danger. Take precautions, play it safe and you'll never be sorry!

The Importance of Latin Learning for Science Achievement

There are many benefits of learning Latin, and a number of ways it still influences our daily lives.  While it may feel like more of a challenge to take on this archaic, mysterious language, we want to explain how it can enrich and deepen your homeschool study.  If you’re considering a foreign language already, here’s why you perhaps should choose Latin.

How to Teach Homeschool Writing Without a Curriculum

Guest post by Sandra Larson In elementary school, children are encouraged to write short stories. The stories often do not have a plot, well-developed characters, or conflict. Many times, Creative writing is pushed low on the list of things to accomplish simply because there isn’t enough time. Consequently, there are students in middle and high […]

Wholesome Books List – Middle School

In previous posts, we brought you lists of wholesome books for Early Elementary and Elementary lists. This time we’re heading to focus on our middle school students! (For a printable version of the following list, please click the image at the bottom of this post.) Sixth Grade: Dear Mr. Henshaw – This novel deals with […]

Realizing Motivation: A Guide for Homeschool Moms

Motivation is a tricky thing… sometimes it’s our best friend right there with us keeping us going, and at other times it’s so elusive we wonder if we’ve ever known motivation at all! The lack of motivation in my life often results in procrastination and all the ugly that goes with it. But, the presence […]

Complete Guide to Homeschool Testing

Should your homeschooling student participate in end-of-year testing?  Depending on the state you live in, you may or may not have a choice; some states require assessment tests for homeschoolers. If you’ve decided to participate, you may find yourself stuck trying to figure out how to squeeze in annual testing, when, and where. While it […]