High School Homeschool Recordkeeping

Homeschool Record Keeping


Homeschool record keeping and the basic requirements involved in high school transcript creation are two areas of high school homeschooling where opinions vary widely. Though homeschoolers can range from unschoolers to classical homeschoolers once your student reaches high school regardless of your homeschooling method, records are very important for college, technical school admission and job applications.

Most people agree there are some fundamental pieces of the puzzle that every high schooler will need. The first being a way to track daily and weekly grades. It’s simple to use a spreadsheet grade record keeper where your grades are automatically calculated, but paper/pencil grade books are fine as well. These weekly grades are the foundation for building a solid transcript.

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Credit Planning

It’s very important to keep track of what courses have been taken at each stage of high school.  Student’s should have a goal in mind and each year choose courses that align with state requirements and support that goal. As the student progresses through the four years of high school tracking the course progress is important to determine which courses you should take next.

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High School Transcripts

Creating the homeschool transcript is by far the most daunting part of the homeschool high school experience. But, there is no need to stress over it! Making a high school transcript does take time and effort, but it isn’t impossible. Begin with a good solid daily/weekly record keeping method and your foundation is in place. As you proceed through high school, record and describe each course that is taken. Finally, taking note of all your student’s academic and extra-curricular achievements will be put the icing on the cake for college admissions officers. Your goal is to make a transcript that in one glance, describes your student to an admissions counselor. Do your best to paint the full picture with academic, extra-curricular, and social achievements.

The Highschool Diploma

There is always a myriad of questions surrounding the homeschool high school diploma. However, in most states in America, the high school diploma is simply created by the homeschooling parent of record and is considered a legal document. You will, of course, be obligated to have the records that prove your teen has completed the required course of study for your homeschool. However, a sampling of those records or even your official grade book will do. Then you create the diploma or use a high school diploma template, fill out the necessary information, and add your official signature.

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