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January 27, 2020
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Courtney Newman

Many homeschoolers choose all-in-one curriculum or multi-subject curriculum options for their homeschooling needs.  These all-in-one curriculum packages are usually a great option for new homeschoolers or families juggling different educational choices for their children. Additionally, they can be helpful for busy homeschoolers, homeschooling families on a budget, or simply for parents to have peace of mind that all the core subjects are covered!  Let’s chat more about what these all-in-one homeschool curricula entail.

What is an All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum?

There is often confusion surrounding the term “all-in-one” curricula, especially since other terms also apply to this type of homeschooling option.  If you’ve heard the label “boxed curriculum,” or “multi-subject curriculum,” these are the same type of curriculum as an all-in-one. In short, all-in-one homeschool curricula cover the core subjects.  Usually, this entails math, language arts, social studies, and science. However, you’ll want to check with the description to determine the exact subjects covered by your curriculum purchase. Specifically, a certain curriculum may incorporate all of the subjects at once into each lesson in a unit study approach, while others have individual textbooks to work through each subject.  Be sure to consider which style would work best for your family and clarify with the curriculum provider.

Why Use an All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum?

Multi-subject curricula are a great fit for a lot of homeschoolers, while not as helpful for others.  It’s important to consider the advantages versus disadvantages to determine whether it would be a good idea for your family!  Here are a few reasons to consider using an easy all-in-one homeschool:

  • Homeschooling parents don’t need to learn how to teach.  The teacher’s/parents’ guides are ready-to-go.
  • No lesson planning needed.  Many all-in-one curricula already have a suggested schedule for the year.
  • It is possible to save money by purchasing your subjects in bulk with an all-in-one homeschool curriculum.
  • All-in-one homeschool curricula can help parents adhere to strict homeschool state laws.  Additionally, in general, it is somewhat easier to provide proof of study and grades with a multi-subject curriculum.

Top 100 Complete all in one curriculum

Our Top 12 All-in-One Homeschool Resources

Complete All-in-one Homeschool Curriculum


Bridgeway Academy Homeschool Resource

Bridgeway Academy is a homeschooling program focused on the individuality of students and the passion of parents for providing the best education possible.

Visit our product review of Bridgeway Academy.


Time4Learning All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum ReviewTime4Learning is an all-in-one online PreK – 12th Grade Curriculum and includes complete student-paced lessons, printable worksheets, and graded activities for Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies, as well as high school electives. Time4Learning provides adjustable grade levels and student-led learning to accommodate the individual child’s needs. Lesson plans and detailed reporting make record keeping simple. All for $19.95/month for elementary and middle school students, or $30/mo for high school students. 100% satisfaction guarantee within 14 days. No Contracts.



Acellus Academy Online Homeschooling Curriculum


Acellus Academy is the official accredited online school of Acellus. The Acellus Education System is widely used to teach students in grades K-12.

Visit our product review of Acellus Academy.



Laurel Springs Online Homeschool CurriculumLaurel Springs School’s online program is designed for students who wish to grow and excel academically and personally while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Please visit our Laurel Springs School Product Review.



Alpha Omega Online Homeschool Curriculum


Alpha Omega Publications offers four different types of homeschool curriculum designed for a variety of homeschooling preferences.

Please visit our Alpha Omega Publications Product Review.



Power Homeschool All-in-One Homeschool CurriculumPower Homeschool is a program intended to aid parents in homeschooling their students. Parents may choose up to 6 courses at a time from numerous courses (grades PreK-12).

Please visit our Power Homeschool Product Review.



ABEKA – Abeka produces all manner of educational products and resources to help homeschool parents teach the core academic subjects as well as music, art, foreign languages, and other electives.

My Father’s World – Christian homeschool curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview.

Christian Liberty Press – Christian Liberty is a Preschool through 12th-grade Christian provider of educational materials.

Veritas Press – Produces curricula that teach children according to how they naturally develop, in line with God’s design, with methods that captivate their minds and hearts, all in a way that is easy for parents and teachers to use. Visit our directory listing for Veritas Press.

Sonlight – complete Christian homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school. Sonlight thoughtfully curates packages and products for your student.

The Good and the Beautiful – Making homeschool beautiful and easy and bringing pure literature back to the world.

American School – American School’s innovative paper-based and online curriculum offers something for everyone in grades 6-12. Please visit our directory listing on American School.

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