Top 10 Questions About Homeschooling

Starting to Homeschool? Your FAQ Answered!

What are the Benefits of Homeschooling?

There are many ways to homeschool, in fact, homeschooling looks different for every family. However, most often the parent takes time to determine how they would like their child to learn and what methods of homeschooling that might entail. Does your child enjoy reading and completing worksheets? Then using a homeschooling curriculum that takes that approach may be best for your family. If your child enjoys technology then using an online homeschooling curriculum might be a great fit.

What Does Homeschooling Look Like?

Some homeschooling families have a “school-at-home” approach where their homeschool looks very similar to traditional education, while others may have a more natural approach to homeschooling and use exploration and discovery to ignite their curiosity for learning. However, if you are planning to homeschool temporarily then you might want to consider the most straightforward and easiest to implement homeschooling methods. For example, there are many online homeschooling curricula out there that enable you to subscribe monthly and get started within a few days.

How Do I Get Started Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is legal in all fifty states. In fact, you could conceivably start homeschooling today. Just check with your state laws. Homeschooling is an easy process and one that over two million have gone ahead and prepared the way for you! However, as it is with any important endeavor you’ll need to take some time to make sure you get started on the right foot. We’ve been here helping the homeschooling community for over 20 years now, and we’ll be here to help you as you take each step. To get the ball rolling, there are a few tried and true steps to getting started with homeschooling. You’ll want to follow these whether you plan on homeschooling for the long haul or just temporarily homeschooling.

Remember that supplementary learning resources can also play a vital role in homeschooling. Be sure to check out Khan Academy, Outlook, Prenda, and even

How Does My Child Learn?

Children are constantly learning – learning through play and life in general. It’s a completely natural process that occurs without intense effort. Yet, as a homeschool parent, taking it to the next level and making those natural experiences an intentional learning effort all become a daily part of the homeschooling adventure. In fact, most homeschooling families realize that homeschooling is a life-long learning process!

How Do I Find Homeschooling Support?

It’s so important to get plugged in! Finding support and camaraderie is vital for the homeschooling parent. Homeschoolers need each other! There will be days that everything feels questionable. There will be moments that quitting looks like the best option. Yet, having a support group that is there to encourage, give advice, and offer a shoulder to cry on is what often makes all the difference! It’s great to know that we’re there for each other!

How Do I Homeschool and Work?

You can WORK and homeschool! There are ways to homeschool inexpensively or even for free, and there are some amazingly creative ways to bring your work and homeschool together! Your family can experience a new level of learning – learning and working together!

Is Homeschooling Socialization an Issue?

Homeschoolers are often asked about socialization. However, as most experienced homeschoolers can attest, the difficulty with homeschooling is actually finding time to stay home! Homeschool families typically find themselves involved in co-ops, support groups, extracurricular activities, music lessons, library visits, and more that keep them socializing with a wide variety of ages and demographics. Homeschool socialization is not an issue as long as you get connected!

What to Do If a Homeschooling Subject is Difficult?

If you’re worried about homeschooling difficult courses – don’t! Homeschool resources have advanced to the point that there are high-quality homeschool options for every course at every grade level. From online homeschooling curriculum to homeschool co-ops, the homeschool parent can easily outsource the courses that they don’t feel confident teaching.  Explore our site for help with alternative homeschooling optionsdual enrollment, and even finding a homeschool curriculum.

What If I Mess Up?

You will make mistakes. Every homeschool parent does, but the key is to learn from the mistakes that are made and become better because of them. When you make mistakes, we’re always here to help you figure things out. Listen in to the Homeschooling & Loving It Podcast for loads of homeschool encouragement! As you can see learning doesn’t take place only for the student, homeschooling adventure brings learning for the entire family!

How Long Should We Homeschool?

Many new homeschoolers want to know how long they should spend homeschooling. Homeschooling will look different for each homeschooling family! The best practice is to make learning goals and then find creative ways to achieve those goals in your homeschool. The time it takes each day to achieve those goals may be different from day to day and week to week. So, your homeschool schedule will be unique to your family! As long as there is progress made and learning is taking place the time constraints are irrelevant!