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February 2, 2018
Written by:
Tasha Swearingen

We asked and you voted on your favorite homeschool curriculum! We gave you our in-house favorite at homeschooling programs and you told us who your top 100 favorite homeschool curriculum providers were in each category. Thank you so much for participating! We’ve covered everything from textbooks to homeschool online! Below, you’ll find the results of YOUR votes. Be sure to check out any that interest you!

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Best Homeschool Curriculum in 2020

Great Places to Purchase Homeschool Curriculum

#1: Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

With over 200,000 participating families, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the world’s largest buyers club for homeschoolers, with savings of up to 93% on award-winning homeschool curriculum, including Saxon, Explode the Code, Wordly Wise, Britannica, and much more! Membership is free and includes free homeschool ID cards, free SmartPoints (a Co-op currency), and access to their popular databases of homeschool field trips and free curriculum.


Time4Learning Online Homeschool

Time4Learning is an award-winning, online curriculum for PreK through 12th grade covering math, language arts, science, and social studies. With flexible scheduling, student-paced learning, automated grading & more, homeschooling your children just got easier!

Classical Academic Press

Classical Academic Press Homeschooling

Classical Academic Press is an educational publishing and media company that supplies curricula, media, and classical education training; with a dash of delight, creativity, and flair thrown in. For information by grade, click here.

Rainbow Resource Center

Calvert Education

Calvert Education Homeschool Method

Calvert Education provides a proven, time-tested homeschool curriculum, with flexible program options. With Calvert, parents and students can select the program that best meet their needs and receive unlimited support throughout the child’s educational experience.

Gryphon House

Gryphon House Early Childhood

Gryphon House, Inc., is an award-winning publisher of resource books for parents and teachers of children from birth through age eight. Filled with developmentally appropriate and easy-to-use strategies, Gryphon House books provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to bring the joy of learning to young children.

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.

Sonlight homeschool curriculum

Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum with every subject for students from Preschool through high school. Our curriculum uses a variety of materials to deliver an engaging and complete education that extends beyond textbooks and memorization. Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, Sonlight provides you with everything you need to homeschool with excellence.


Outschool is a marketplace of live online homeschool classes for K-12 learners. With 3,000 classes across all subjects and age levels K-12, they have the broadest selection of online classes for families who love learning. Join for free at

The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus Homeschool Curriculum

The Great Courses Plus is a subscription-based, video-on-demand homeschool service with more than 6,000 courses taught by the world’s greatest professors. You can access your Great Courses from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Learn everything about anything wherever you are.


CHSH Teach Homeschool

Offering a low-cost solution for PreK-12th. You’ll love the ease of finding curriculum, unit studies, worksheets and more with an ever-growing collection of great educational resources. Whether you have 1 child or 10, everything is available for one affordable price.

Acellus Power Homeschool

Power Homeschool
Power Homeschool offers a rigorous and award-winning online K-12 curriculum for homeschooling families. We provide students the flexibility to move at their own pace with access to over 250 courses taught by some of America’s greatest teachers. Power Homeschool gives parents the tools and reports to monitor, support, and guide their students’ educational experience.

Mentoring Minds

Mentoring Minds homeschooling

Mentoring Minds is a national K-12 publisher with a mission to put critical thinking at the center of instruction. Our research-based resources support technology integration and standards mastery for Math, ELA, and Science.


Edu Crate Homeschool

MyEduCrate, an award winning monthly subscription that delivers educational themed items to motivate and engage your child’s mind. Each item is hand-selected by our team of teachers and parents, ensuring that your child is exposed to diverse opportunities to grow. Subscribe today and get your child excited about learning!

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten

Get Ready for Kindergarten Homeschool

GR4K’s Build a Bridge to Kindergarten is developed by two experienced early childhood professionals (an urban elementary school principal and an early childhood teacher) who are also moms and grandmas. Based on the 5 Building Blocks of Early Literacy, our 3 programs focus on building a child’s vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills through high-quality children’s books, games, learning activities, crafts, and cooking. Monthly subscription boxes are available as is a FREE monthly newsletter.


Easy Grammar Systems publishes an award-winning grammar series specializing in the prepositional approach. Concepts are taught in a building-block manner and incorporate a cyclical approach that promotes mastery learning.

Math, Science, and Technology Homeschool Curriculum

#1: Science4Us


Science4Us is an early elementary online science program that delivers digital and real-world science experiences while building literacy, math, and engineering skills. Interactive and inquiry-based, Science4Us appeals to young learners and provides a solid foundation upon which a deep understanding and interest in science can be built.

Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc

Apologia is the #1 publisher of creation-based science and Bible curriculum with more than 70 top awards from homeschool parents and media. The resources we publish and the services we provide are designed to help homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.

RightStart Mathematics

RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approach to elementary math. Fractions are approached with a linear perspective. Card games are used to learn concepts and strategies and to practice facts. The lessons guide the teacher day-by-day, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics.

Saxon Math


CTCMath is an interactive homeschool online math curriculum used by over 210,000 students. Provides over 57,000 interactive questions and over 1,367 animated lessons. Our goal at CTCMath is pretty simple. To have a positive impact on as many families as possible through the enjoyment and understanding of math.

Fascinating Education

Fascinating Education takes advantage of the brain’s ability to process images more efficiently and more effectively than reading the text alone. You can find sample lessons on the site for our courses  Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, and The Logic of Medicine.

Singapore Math


Do you need exciting and interactive resources for teaching math? Dad has you covered! Games, animated calculators and of course… Worksheets! This site has gradual levels of practice for learning math facts, fractions, word problems, long division, and many more math skills with detailed answer keys to show HOW to solve problems. These work great for creating your own homeschool curriculum.

National Flight Academy

The National Flight Academy, located aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida, offers one of the most exciting and immersive educational environments in the world, inspiring students to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in an aviation-themed adventure aboard a simulated land-locked aircraft carrier.

Math U See

Math-Aids.Com provides free math worksheets for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. The math worksheets are randomly and dynamically generated by our math worksheet generators. This allows you to make an unlimited number of printable math worksheets to your specifications instantly. Works great for creating your own homeschool curriculum.

Conceptual Academy

Conceptual Academy offers full credit courses based upon the popular “conceptual” science textbooks and the author’s library of 500+ engaging video tutorials. Each course also provides study advice, homework, worksheets, chapter summaries, automated quizzes, a grade book, and unit exams.

Techknow Training Studios Inc.

Complete online technology curriculum for homeschoolers.

Learning Games

Gifted and Special Needs Homeschool Curriculum

#1: Achieve Beyond

We provide pediatric therapy and educational services to children, students and families throughout the United States including CA, VA, MD / DC area, CT, NJ, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Albany and the entire NYC metropolitan area.

Wings to Soar Online Academy

Wings to Soar Online Academy

Wings to Soar Online Academy empowers dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners through personalized online Path to Success Learning Plans (in just the subjects you need) to build skills and confidence to not just survive but thrive in school and life. The great at home schooling program for special needs!

Senseez Pillows

Senseez for Special Needs Homeschooling

Senseez are the award winning sensory vibrating cushions for kids and pillows for teens! These colorful, lightweight, fun-shaped portable vibrating cushions offer a gentle sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, relaxing, calming and soothing the body. Senseez eases the senses!

College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius Homeschool High School

Free college is our business. 85% of colleges admit and give scholarships based on test scores. We show you how to ace standardized tests like the SAT/PSAT/ACT/CLT…These are beatable tests and students can learn to answer every question in 30 seconds or less. The higher the score-the more money you get!

Barton Reading & Spelling

Easy Spelling Aid

Verticy for Struggling Students


Down Pat Tutoring

Reading and Writing Homeschool Curriculum

#1: VocabularySpellingCity


VocabularySpellingCity, is a game-based website and app for K-12 students which helps build vocabulary, spelling, phonics and writing skills through the use of engaging games and activities. Students will feel like they’re playing while they master each week’s words.

Novel Ideas, Inc.

Novel Ideas Homeschooling

Our materials are ideal for homeschoolers. They are scripted so parents know exactly what to do and everything is there. We also give significant discounts to homeschoolers. Unlimited email and phone support are given by the author of the materials.

Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom Homeschool

Reading Kingdom is an online program that teaches children 4-10 to read and write with comprehension at a 3rd-grade level in only 12-18 months. It is the only at home schooling program that uses the “Phonics-Plus” model of instruction developed by Dr. Marion Blank, one of the world’s top experts in literacy. It is the only program that teaches all key six written language skills in an integrated fashion so that they complement and reinforce each other. The website offers a 30-day free trial. It also has a program for children on the autism spectrum,


Time4Writing Homeschool Writing

Find out how easy homeschool writing can be with a curriculum that takes care of all the aspects of teaching writing from elementary through high school.

Institute for Excellence

All About Learning

Brave Writer

Foundations (Logic of English)

Write Shop

Reading Eggs


Phonics Pathways

Switched on Schoolhouse

Read Right Systems

Read Right Homeschool Curriculum

Read Right is a highly structured reading intervention program guaranteed to produce rapid reading improvement for children, teens, and adults. Highly effective with ELL and Special Education, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and even non-readers.

History, Art, and Music Homeschool Curriculum

Songs for Teaching

Songs for Teaching Homeschool Learning

Creative homeschool educators can use music to teach content across the curriculum to students of all ages.We offer thousands of children’s songs, lyrics and teaching suggestions.

Notgrass Company


Atelier online learning

Bring the Art Teacher directly into your home with Atelier’s video-based art program designed for ages 4-16. Our lessons are developmental and sequential and teach the elements and principles of art as well as art history and art appreciation. Each video lesson is accompanied by lesson plans, drawing aids, vocabulary, review/assessment, and much more.

Learn to Play

Learn to Play Musical Instruments

The Learn to Play series was developed to help beginning students become truly proficient at reading music. Most good music teachers will tell you that over the years, the biggest issue they have faced in teaching music was the fact that there just wasn’t enough easy-to-play music at the elementary level for beginners.

Artistic Pursuits


All American History

Maestro Classics

Home Art Studio

High School Homeschool Curriculum

#1: Khan Academy

University of Nebraska High School

High school homeschooling

The University of Nebraska High School has been serving homeschool families and students since 1929. Homeschool families appreciate UNHS’s rigorous, college preparatory high school courses in a flexible self-paced format. Choose from more than 100 courses.

Master Books (American History)

Video Text Interactive

College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius high school homeschooling

Free college is our business. 85% of colleges admit and give scholarships based on test scores. We show you how to ace standardized tests like the SAT/PSAT/ACT/CLT…These are beatable tests and students can learn to answer every question in 30 seconds or less. The higher the score-the more money you get!

Lightning Literature and Composition

American Academy National Home School

The Learning Community International School

TLCI homeschooling

The Learning Community is the perfect marriage of private and home school since 1984. Advisor & teacher video conferences & support throughout the year. Curriculum options; customized & interest-based courses; college/career counseling. Visit TLCI to discover our unmatched educational value. Accredited.

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy Homeschooling

Forest Trail Academy is an accredited private K-12 online school. Several of their many accreditations are the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and Middle States Association.

Free Rice English Grammar

Foreign Language Homeschool Curriculum

#1: Memoria Press

Memoria Press Homeschooling

Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company that produces simple and easy to use classical Christian education materials for home and private schools. It was founded by Cheryl Lowe in 1994 to help promote and transmit the classical heritage of the Christian West through an emphasis on the liberal arts and the great works of the Western tradition.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool

Mango Languages

All-In-One Homeschool

Lingo Bus

Panda Tree


10 Minutes A Day

Lang Master

Online German Course

Other Curriculum Resources

#1: FreedomProject Academy

Freedom Project Academy Homeschooling

FreedomProject Academy is a Classical, online school that is Faithfully Educating America. FPA is grounded in the Judeo-Christian belief system, offering more than 100 live classes for students in Kindergarten- High School. FPA can help with one class or a full curriculum. View the full list of accredited classes here. (

A Beka

Bob Jones University Press


K12 provides personalized, online education solutions for students in grades K-12. For almost two decades, K12 has been an established leader in online education throughout U.S. At K12, they believe every child is uniquely brilliant and deserves a high-quality education to help them thrive and reach their personal potential.

Brain Balance of Woodbury

Brain Balance Achievement

DRUG FREE, proven program for kids struggling with academic, behavior or social issues. Read real testimonials from Brain Balance parents:

Teaching Self-Government

Teaching Self Government Homeschooling

Through courses, training, mentoring, workshops and materials, Teaching Self-Government mentors help parents analyze family relationships and problem solve difficult situations by teaching principles of self-government, the structure of a unified family atmosphere, and the tools and skills needed for self-mastery and personal freedom.

Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy Homeschool

Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited virtual homeschool academy, meeting the highest levels of accreditation. The academy customizes learning options for each student based on their unique learning style and needs while providing year-long support to parents.


Lemon Lime Adventures

Bridgeway Academy



Red Comet

Discover Praxis

eAchieve Academy

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Tasha Swearingen

Tasha is a homeschooling mom to 5 and has been homeschooling for 14 years. Currently, her children's ages span from toddler to young adult. Tasha has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Social Sciences from Florida State University and is working on her MBA through SNHU/Berklee School of Music.