Homeschool Summer Goal Setting for Peace of Mind

 Summer Goal Setting for Peace of Mind

by Rebecca Kochenderfer

I’m a strong believer in the power of goal setting. Life is busy and it’s easy to become distracted. Goal setting helps organize my thoughts and has a calming effect that gives me the peace of mind I need to go out and make things happen.

My kids are nearly grown and are all in college now. When I think back on their early years, I’m quite sure that—in addition to reading to them each evening before bed—the most important time I spent with them was helping them recognize and articulate their dreams. I’ve done this in various ways but at the beginning of each school year, I especially looked forward to asking each of my children, “What is your number one goal?” Today, I still ask them this question because I see its positive effect. Setting one’s own goals is empowering and provides the sense of control needed to move forward with the wild and beautiful dreaming that makes life so sweet.

Whether she aspires to become a ballerina, a paleontologist, an actor or an accountant, respond to your child’s ideas with genuine enthusiasm and words of encouragement. Be the person she runs toward excitedly to share her most spectacular plans and ideas.

It’s possible your child doesn’t have a number one goal just yet. That is ok! Summer learning provides the perfect opportunity to explore a wide range of activities. Repeated exposure to new ideas, experiences and people will grow your child’s passion. In time, he will be able to identify and articulate clear goals that he feels deeply about.

Summer learning is about individualized learning. It’s our chance to seek and create environments to meet the specific learning needs of our kids. An understanding of how your child assimilates information can help guide your selection of activities and learning materials to help optimize the experience.

For more ideas on setting goals this summer, please see Rebecca’s newest book, The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents: How to Create a Summer of Wonder, Discovery and Fun!