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Britfield & the Lost Crown (Devonfield Publishing, 08/15/2019), the first in a thrilling five-part series written by Stewart, was created to fill that gap for middle school and young adult readers. As such, it is more than just a book – Britfield & the Lost Crown begins an innovative educational movement that will inspire readers to engage both their creativity and their critical thinking skills with fast-paced, action-packed chapters filled with actual places, authentic characters, and exciting but realistic events . At just under 400 compact pages, Britfield & the Lost Crown consistently builds with intensity and intrigue, sacrifice and revelations, until it reaches its exciting conclusion .

Based on family, friendship, loyalty, and courage, Britfield & the Lost Crown and its hero, Tom, take readers on an epic adventure across England – from the smoldering crags of Yorkshire to the heart of London and, finally, to the magnificent shores of Dover. With help from his best friend, Sarah, and a hot air balloon, Tom flees Yorkshire, escaping from Weatherly Orphanage and the clutches of a relentless detective, in pursuit of the truth about himself and his heritage: Are his parents still alive? Is he the true heir to the British throne? As Tom and a memorable cast of both heroic and dastardly characters unravel a royal mystery that could change the course of history, readers are taken on a breathless journey to a surprise ending that will leave them clamoring for more .

Built on more than seven years of extensive research and development, the Britfield series integrates historical and cultural landscapes with stimulating language and active writing that engages the reader from the first pages.

Britfield & the Lost Crown offers a world of creativity and adventure. There is no hidden agenda, undermining principles, or offensive content,” Stewart says. “This fresh approach not only entertains children but educates them with references to geography, culture, architecture, and history woven into the exciting story [ . . ., which] will inspire children to think actively and creatively .”

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About the Author

Born in Newport Beach, California, C. R. Stewart is a prolific writer with twenty years of experience writing fiction, nonfiction, and movie screenplays. In addition, he is a highly respected producer, creativity specialist, international consultant, and prominent speaker. Founder of the prestigious Devonfield, a comprehensive company dedicated to the highest quality in film production, publishing, and education, C. R.’s areas of expertise are writing, film and media production, global strategy, and international marketing. He received a Bachelor of Arts in British Literature and European History from Brown University; did post-graduate work at Harvard University; earned an MBA from Boston College; and is pursuing a Master of Science in Advanced Management and a PhD in Strategy at Peter F . Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University . Now based in San Diego, he is a strong supporter of education and the arts and sits on the Board of Horizon University; is an adjunct professor at Fermanian School of Business, Point Loma Nazarene University; and is Past President of the Board of Directors of the San Diego Ballet . C . R . enjoys writing, world travel, reading, riding, swimming, sailing, tennis, and the Arts .